modedoen (doing fashion) is a space dedicated to body-based-making interactions, for children and youngsters ages 8 – 18.
modedoen acknowledges the act of dressing – and therefore fashion  as a medium of and for self-expression, embodiment, celebration and empowerment. It fosters core-values such as friendship, play, choice, authenticity, dialogue, autonomy and heartfulness.
modedoen is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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OCT/NOV2019 In a special collaboration with JOIN initiator Anouk Beckers, we spent five workshop afternoons together, in which pieces for the (children’s) collective collection were made by Isabel, Jadie, Kanna and Luna. They all made their own JOIN-top. These tops were de-assembled, the pieces were exchanged, four new tops were re-assembled and presented with a special presentation by the girls.

JOIN Collective Clothes is a modular clothing system that invites people to create clothes together. An open source manual explains how to make the four different shapes that together create a complete outfit. If you want to JOIN from any place in the world, you can download the manual or take part in one of the workshops. Each shape can be made by someone else; everyone can JOIN.

All photos by Anouk Beckers.

MODE DOEN ♥ birthday party

SEP2019 / Sewing without needle and thread? YES!


SEP2019 / Sewing without needle and thread? YES!
In collaboration with Amsterdam’s Westergas DE CLUB.
They organize cool children’s workshops every Wednesday afternoon.

westergasjes DE CLUB instagram


May2019 / Created with Kanna, Jadie, Luna & Isabel

Collective Vision Creation

April2019/Bespoke T-shirt made by Jadie, Lena, Luna & Pol for Chraza
Skirt by Pinar&Viola’s exclusive Universal Basic Income collection

The world now & the ideal world

March2019 / Made by Jadie, Lena, Luna, Kanna and Pol 

T-shirt O-shirt X-shirt

March 2019 / Process of moulaging, assembling and decorating.

Portrayed are Isabel, Jadie Kanna, Lena and Luna.

Not just any old bags, no no, they hold sewing kits.. LIBERATORS!

“The sewing machine is an instrument for liberation and skills are a path to freedom!”
Otto von Busch
link here to his magic makings

FEB 2019 / portrayed are Jadie, Isabel, Lena, Pol and Luna.

MODE DOEN in De Volkskrant

JAN 2019 / The amazing Pascale Gatzen, head of the MA program Fashion held in Common, ArtEZ in Arnhem, shares her vision on the culture and education of fashion; “I see fashion as a catalyst for social change”.

Interview by Bregje Lampe.
Much gratitude for the sharing of our journey.

Every Favorite

DEC 2018 / The kids’ self-made clothes in their favorite places

Portayed are Isabel, Jadie, Lena, Linde, Luna, Pol and Selma.


DEC 2018 / 8 youngsters. 5 classes. 1 magic camera. 1 visualization. 1 i-love-this collage. 1 visit to the Waterloo flea market to source materials. 2 making sessions. 1 photoshoot. Innumerable fun!

“I find it most beautiful that you learn to make things yourself and don’t have to buy things, but make by yourself.”

“In the first lessons I made three garments! One of them is a denim jacket with a hoody attached. The jacket I bought at the Waterloo flea market. I cut up a second hand hoody and sewed it to the jacket.”