D I A L O G U E S *
D I A L O G I C A L    D E S I G N S**


APR2018 / Meditation suit

MAR2018 / TAKA TAKA as ShatterDAY O’Connor

FEB2018 / DINO DADA in process & finale as Marten Spankberg for performance BAD ROYALE LA TORTURE

OCT2017 / TAKA TAKA as Coca Chola with Hilary

SEPT2017 / TAKA TAKA as Coca Chola
Street heart festival Amsterdam

SEPT2016 / Canvas jacket with and for Eun Kyoung Hwang, who did the illustrations

MAR2016 / Ensemble indigo hand dyed cotton from Mali

SEPT2015 / Ensemble for yoga and dance performance

SEPT2014 / In celebration of the installation Gabriel, a dress as an extension of the work. Visual artist Giny Vos, DordtYard NL


3-piece suit from  S U R Y A 


2-piece suit from  S U R Y A 


2-piece suit from  S U R Y A 

JAN2014 / S U R Y A top
Hop Tien Co-operative / Lung Tam, Ha Giang / Vietnam
Missy Mai in her doorway. Founder and leader of the co-operative,
that produces natural and handmade hemp fabric, indigo dyes, batik prints and traditional embroidery.

Hop Tien was founded in 2001. Human traffickers reached the village in 2003 and women vanished. When the women were rescued and returned home, they were outcast and scorned by their villagers. Miss May took the women under her wing, offering them a refuge, education, work and living.

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