being at your most radiant

 How can the way that I dress be an expression of my inner beauty?

How do I wear the beauty that I love?

How can I feel utterly comfortable and empowered with what I wear?

How can my way of dressing represent me best?

How can dressing again become fun and energizing?
(instead of an obligatory battle)

or, perhaps,

you lost your intuitive sense or clarity of  your style  and would like a fresh perspective on your dressing behavior?

Enchanté I say! I’d love to step in and help out.

What we do together

Together we look at:

“Niki has helped me find a style of dressing that extends my personality. We have digged out my closet in order for me to know exactly what works and what doesn’t. Now I can go shopping in a focused manner, looking for items that really add something! The combination of finding your style with practical stylingtips is very useful. What a fantastic and clarifying process this has been, something I will continue to enjoy for a long time! Thank you Niki!”
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    who you are

    What is it in life that you love? What brings you joy, power and peace? What do you value?

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    your habitat / habits

    What do your daily / non-daily activities look like?
    Is there an outfit you keep unconsciously slipping into as a result of habit?

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    your change

    What is it you’d like to change?
    How would your conscious choice in dressing look like?
    What is it you love?

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    your color

    Which colors brighten your face and outlook on life?
    Which colors give you joy and empower you?

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    your shapes

    What shapes do you feel comfortable in?
    What shapes suit your body type?

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    Your elements

    Earth, water, fire and air; based on an analysis of these elements in your character and system, we balance out the way of dressing in color and shape according to the 4 elements.

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    your style

    How to style and compose around your body with color, shapes and personal details like accessories?
    How can your existing wardrobe be used in a 360 degree new way?

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    your market

    What to look for when you go wardrobe shopping?
    Where to go looking?
    What might you make/create/design yourself? *


As an optional continuation to the first meeting, we look at what the market has to offer or I join you in your shopping spread.

My service is making visible and possible that which may seem invisible
and (perhaps) impossible to you.
Be prepared to be surprised and radiate!


Sometimes, what we have envisioned or desired for ourselves to wear is not findable on the market.
Giving up on this moment of direction and inspiration would be a shame!
I therefore enjoy offering the option of the “dialogical designs”, where we look at the design of the garment or outfit and realize its form together in a way of a dialogue.

Please contact for prices
and arrangements